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WF-10 Dino-Lite Wifi Adapter


WF-10 Dino-Lite Wifi Adapter

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The WF-10 WiFi CONNECT allows Dino-Lite USB models to be used wirelessly in connection with an iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android app on any tablet, smartphone, or computer. When using the iOS app, users can perform measurements and take advantage of the automatic magnification reading (AMR) with compatible Dino-Lite AMR and measurement models. The WiFi streamer is ideal for field work or presentations. Stream from one Dino-Lite to multiple devices. The WF-10 has a replaceable battery and can be used anywhere to create a WiFi signal for streaming the Dino-Lite live images. The free DinoConnect App for WF-10 can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

*For legacy and basic models (211/2111/311/411) see the MSVC75W

Note: The WF-10 is compatible with the Dino-Lite AM/AD4xxx (R4), Edge AM4xx5, AM/AD7xxx (R4) series.

WF-10 User Guide (PDF)