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MSVC75W Wi-Fi Adapter for older Dino-Lite models

Sunrise Dino

MSVC75W Wi-Fi Adapter for older Dino-Lite models

$ 199.00
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The MSVC75W Wi-Fi adapter was designed for previous versions of Dino-Lite USB (411/413/70x3) and basic model AM2111 to be streamed via wifi to be used wirelessly in connection with an iOS (iPhone/iPad) app or through a web browser on any tablet, smartphone, or computer. Special Dino-Lite models with short USB cables are available for use with the MSVC75W Wi-Fi adapter and also can be connected directly to a computer via USB. The Wi-Fi adapter is ideal for field work or presentations. Stream from one Dino-Lite to multiple devices. The MSVC75W has a built-in battery and can be used anywhere to create a Wi-Fi signal for streaming the Dino-Lite live imaging. Please see the Compatibility Chart below for full compatibility information.

Note: Dino-Lite microscope sold separately.

Recent Dino-Lite models with more features including AMR & measurement, see the WF-10