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RK-10A Flexible Precision Mount

Sunrise Dino

RK-10A Flexible Precision Mount

$ 269.00
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The Dino-Lite® RK-10A universal stand is a stable tabletop platform that features precise fine-focus adjustment and a new quick release function. This high-quality product is compatible with our complete line of handheld microscope cameras.

The RK-10A quick release button is helpful for fast and convenient vertical movement and fine-focus adjustment knob is especially useful at high magnification. This model also includes an adjustable safety stop that helps prevent accidental collisions between the microscope and the object under view. Its adjustable horizontal arm has a 7-inch range with 360-degree rotation and optional arm attachments are available that increase its effective range of motion. These features combine to provide complete command and control of microscope orientation and positioning for maximum productivity and ease of use.

The RK-10 is constructed of resilient stainless steel and lightweight aluminum. This combination of features makes this product suitable for a wide range of environments including industrial, academic, and office settings.

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