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MSKM-01 Knob Motor Control for Dino-Lite

Sunrise Dino

MSKM-01 Knob Motor Control for Dino-Lite

$ 399.00
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The MSKM-01 allows control of the Dino-Lite microscopes focus knob without touching the device. It can be used in specific conditions when the Dino-Lite microscope has to be isolated during use, such as: using it in a hazardous environment, when integrated into a machine, used in an enclosed space, and etc. Controlling the Dino-Lite can be done by using a control box tethered to the MSKM-01 or use with DinoCapture 2.0 software. When using with DinoCapture 2.0, the knob motor can be controlled by the right and left mouse buttons similar to the MSKM-01's control box. MicroTouch on the control box works as a snapshot trigger to take pictures directly into the software. Motor: 12 V, 9.5 RPM

Downloads: MSKM-01 User Guide
Compatible with All Dino-Lite models sold in 2014 or later. Please contact us to confirm compatibility with earlier models.
Package Includes Motor, Control Box, C-Clip, Set Screws, AC Adapter, USB Cable, Male/Female 2 Pin Circular DIN Connector, Software CD