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MSBL-ZW1 Polarized Back-light Stage

Sunrise Dino

MSBL-ZW1 Polarized Back-light Stage

$ 299.00
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The MSBL-ZW1 is designed for use with polarizing model microscopes (AM4113ZT, AM4113ZTS, AM5212NZT or AM4115ZT). This easy to use back-light stage with polarizing ability comes with an attachable swing arm target holder for specific placement of objects. The MSBL-ZW1 is a sturdy and attractive back light stage that is powered through a USB cord or AC Adapter. Adjustment of the polarizer is simply performed by sliding the wheel adjustment located on the front of the stage.

At first, the MSBL-ZW1 was developed for Geological Applications to investigate the structure and composition of minerals, material science, metallurgy, geology, and chemistry to inspect crystals. Another use is for the viewing of thin film which would be hard to distinguish under normal circumstances. Under tests we successfully viewed the oxide layer on a customers FPC (flex cable) golden finger which shows that this could greatly help assembly house product yield by screening out the problematic FPC.

Though not widely tested as it is relatively new, researchers may find that the MSBL-ZW1 could be an economic substitute to the traditional polarizer microscope. A MSBL-ZW1 back light stage combined with a AM4113ZT, AM4113ZTS, AM5212NZT or AM4115ZT has the potential to meet many applications covered by polarizer microscope.