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MSAH316-48 Dino-lite Mount For Stereo Microscope (48mm objective)

Sunrise Dino

MSAH316-48 Dino-lite Mount For Stereo Microscope (48mm objective)

$ 99.00
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The MSAH316 is an innovative attachment to add a Dino-Lite handheld microscope camera and upgrade your existing stereoscopic microscope. With this attachment added to your stereoscopic microscope 48mm lens you now have the ability for 3D viewing. Simple installation whether you have a ring light or not is as easy as screwing and adjusting threaded parts that are included, then inserting a Dino-Lite microscope camera into the holster and you’re ready to go. The MSAH316 can be adjusted for premium viewing angles with set screws that can be tightened or loosened. If you existing stereoscopic microscope has a ring light attached there is an adaptor included with the MSAH316 to allow for safe and simple connection.