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MSAH292 Fixed position adapter for AM7025 /4025X eyepieces

Sunrise Dino

MSAH292 Fixed position adapter for AM7025 /4025X eyepieces

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Designed for Dino-Eye: The MSAH292 is a specially sized fixed position C-mount adapter for our Edge Series Dino-Eye eyepieces. Instead of the adjustable design of our other C-mount adapter, the MSAH292 is designed to position the eyepiece at the specific location required for most C-mount video ports, industrial lenses, and borescope couplers.

This item comes with three parts:

A. The base tube is the longest of these. It has C-mount threading and three set-screws to lock the eyepiece in place. All setups will require this part and the use of one of the following collars (included)

B. Most setups will use the drop-in collar for a smooth, enclosed setup.

C. If your setup requires attaching the eyepiece and lens to a mount you can instead use the mounting collar. It includes standard tripod threading (¼”-20) in several locations for convenience.