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MSA2HD Dental Tool Holster

Sunrise Dino

MSA2HD Dental Tool Holster

$ 99.00
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MSA2HD Inspection/Dental mirror and tool adaptor kit

The MSA2HD adaptor is designed to securely hold and position an assortment of common hand-held dental/inspection mirrors and tools for use with Dino-Lite digital microscopes.

Included with each MSA2HD mirror/tool kit:
- One specialized Dino-Lite scope holster.
- A selection of five swivel-type positioning adaptors designed to fit handle diameters of approx. 4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm and 8mm.
- One swivel ball threaded retaining collar.

Instructions for assembly and use: 
1) Insert the mirror/tool handle through the bottom of the adaptor channel. 
2) Select the appropriate swivel ball adaptor that corresponds to the diameter of the mirror/tool handle. 
3) Place the appropriate sized swivel ball adaptor (slotted side UP) onto the end of the mirror/tool handle. Push/slide the ball adaptor down the handle approximately one inch. 
4) Pull the Mirror/tool down until the attached ball swivel rests in the socket receptacle. Slide the threaded retaining collar over the end of the mirror/tool handle onto receptacle and loosely tighten. 
5) Place the Dino-Lite digital microscope into the holster assembly. 
6) Position the mirror/tool in front of and below Dino-Lite scope nozzle. Adjust length and alignment of mirror/tool and Securely tighten. Fine adjust positioning as necessary until satisfactory imaging is achieved.