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MSA2G Portable Wide Tri-Leg Stand

Sunrise Dino

MSA2G Portable Wide Tri-Leg Stand

$ 49.00
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Designed for Dino-Lite: The MSA2G is a lightweight portable stabilizing stand meant to assist with inspecting hard to reach surfaces such as helicopter blades. The three legged, sturdy metal design keeps the Dino-Lite orthogonal to the surface. It also prevents the Dino-Lite from accidentally falling over when not in use.

Each leg also has a special non-slip rubber pad to protect the surface being inspected and prevent the Dino-Lite from accidentally slipping out of position.

The package includes a rubber band which should be placed on the Dino-Lite body before installing the MSA2G. This will provide a stable, secure connection between the microscope and stand. Then, use the three thumb screws to lock the Dino-Lite in the center of the MSA2G.


Warranty Period 1 year
Manufactured in China
Service & Support U.S. ( English & Spanish
Dimensions 8.6cm x 9.3cm x 3.5cm
Weight 2.5oz
Flexibility Can attach to several points on the body of a Dino-Lite
Compatible with All Dino-Lite Handheld Microscopes
Package Includes Metal stand, three thumb screws, plastic connection ring, and rubber band.
Package Dimensions 17cm(W) x 10cm(L) x 6cm(H)
Package Weight 4.9oz