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MS12C Portable Cradle Stand


MS12C Portable Cradle Stand

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The MS12C portable viewing stand includes base unit with two insert adaptors providing three "hands free" fixed working distance and magnification options. Ideal for collectors and hobbyists as well as in the home, classroom and workplace.

The stand is designed so that the Dino-Lite digital microscope simply slides into either the base itself for near inspection/higher magnification or into one or both of the "stackable" insert adaptors for greater working distance/lower magnification. When using a base + single adaptor an entire USA penny can be viewed while using the base + both adaptors allows an entire USA quarter to be viewed.

Working distance(WD)/magnification table (using Dino-Lite hand held digital microscope)

MS12C (Portable Cradle stand)
Without Base (Zero Distance) - 50x ~ 200X magnification
Base w/o adaptor ------ 0.58 inches WD from object = 40x magnification
Base + 1 Adaptor ------ 1.6 inches WD from object = 25x magnification
Base + 2 Adaptors ------ 2.40 inches WD from object =18x magnification