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AM5212MNZL RCA Long Distance Polarizer


AM5212MNZL RCA Long Distance Polarizer

$ 649.00
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  • 2-year warranty

The AM5212MNZL Edge Series features an aluminum alloy metal body, TV Component output interface combined with revamped optics and 960H sensor technology, it is the latest upgrade to existing TV models such as the AM4112 series. The 960H sensor has a resolution of 960 x 480. This model has a 5x - 140x magnification range and a built on polarizer to help suppress unwanted glare or reflections. No computer or software required for this model that connects directly to a monitor or TV via Video Component connection.

Key specifications
  • RCA connection
  • 960 x 480 pixels
  • 10x - 140x magnification
  • Long working distance
  • White light
  • 8 LEDs total
  • Polarizer
  • View live video
  • TV/Display (RCA)

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