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AM4117MT-G2FBW 1.3MP 510mn-545nm Green Fluorescence


AM4117MT-G2FBW 1.3MP 510mn-545nm Green Fluorescence

$ 1,099.00
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AM4117MT-G2FBW is the ideal solution for the selective isolation and observation of samples with green fluorescence using 465nm excitation light and a 510-545nm emission bandpass filter range. The high sensitivity sensor is especially useful for detecting low levels of fluorescence emissions. The 510-545nm emission bandpass filter blocks all non-green spectral emissions and selectively isolates the green spectral regions for unobstructed observations of green fluorescence emissions.


Note: A previous limited version was AM4517-G2FBW
Key specifications
  • USB connection
  • 1280 x 960 pixels
  • 20x - 220x magnification
  • Standard working distance
  • Blue (465nm) and white light
  • 8 LEDs total
  • View live video
  • Capture images and video
  • Text and shapes annotations
  • Software language options
  • Barcode reader
  • Flexible LED Control
  • MicroTouch sensor
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS 10.5+