Stands, adapters, and other accessories made for Dino-Lite.
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RK-10A Flexible Precision Mount

The Dino-Lite® RK-10A universal stand is a stable tabletop platform that features precise fine-focus adjustment and a new quick release function. This high-quality product is compatible with our complete line...
$ 299.00

MS35B Adjustable Vertical Mount

Designed for Dino-Lite: The MS35B is an economical rigid vertical stand designed for use with the Dino-Lite hand held digital microscope cameras. It provides up to 360 degrees of horizontal axis...
$ 129.00

RK-06A Adjustable Precision Mount

The Dino-Lite RK-06A tabletop stand is designed for general purpose and built with quality. With smooth focus adjustment and quick vertical movement, the RK-06A eases the task of focusing when...
$ 199.00

MS15X-S2 XY/Rotation Base for RK-10A Stand

Multi-functional X/Y movement and rotational base designed for controlled adjustment in inspection providing fine movement with X and Y axis. The precision machine crafted components provide for smooth movements and...
$ 199.00

MS33A Articulating Arm with Single Locking Knob

MS33A is a fully adjustable articulating arm designed for Dino-Lite microscope cameras. The articulating arm can be handled and adjusted simply with one hand with the single knob locking mechanism...
$ 99.00

RK-02 Desk Clamp Flex Arm Mount

The RK-02 is a durable gooseneck rack designed for flexible and ergonomic usage for Dino-Lite. The C-clamp of RK-02 fits to most desk surfaces or poles up to 3-inch in...
$ 129.00

MSHD-P1 Low-profile Plastic Friction Grip Holster

The MSHD-P1 holster was built to hold and secure the Dino-Lite handheld microscopes onto a stand. It is great for custom applications where the user may have a compatible existing...
$ 19.00

WF-10 Dino-Lite Wifi Adapter

The WF-10 WiFi CONNECT allows Dino-Lite USB models to be used wirelessly in connection with an iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android app on any tablet, smartphone, or computer. When using the...
$ 199.00

MSA2P Extension Pole for MS35B

Size: 11.5" (L) x 7/8 " (D) Up to 22 inches with dual poles Option (18" of vertical working distance) Economical rigid table top for MS35B, MS45BX-D2, MS35T stand assembly...
$ 29.00

N3C-R Dino-Lite Edge Series Light Diffuser/Focuser (1 piece)

Quickly transform Dino-Lite’s built-in LEDs into an uniform and soft ring illuminator. In most macro observation, a ring light may help to reveal more details by generating shadow-less illumination. Working...
$ 69.00

CS-21 Calibration Target (2 slides included)

CS-21 (MSM5MM) Calibration Target measurement plastic slide is used for calibrating measurement. There are 2 pieces included in each order.
$ 12.99

RK-06-PL Extension Pole for RK-06A

RK-06-PL is an optional accessory extension pole to double the height of the RK-06A stand   For MS35B extension pole see: MSA2P
$ 35.00

MS23B Flex-arm Clamp

Articulating Desktop clamps are compatible with the Dino-Lite digital microscope. This clamp allows optimum viewing angles and uses minimal desk space while attached to any desktop or workspace area. Sturdy...
$ 39.00

RK-10-VX Vertical Extension for RK-10A

RK-10-VX is an optional vertical arm attachment to increase the working distance for Dino-Lite with the RK-10A.   RK-10A is not included. This item is an optional accessory.
$ 39.00

MS09B Ultra Portable Table Top Stand

The MS09B brings you a similar table top type of design as the MS35B stand with the portability of mobile stand. Because of its miniature size this stand will take...
$ 34.00

MSAK827 USB Powered LED Backlight

MSAK827 is a portable USB Powered LED Backlight stage designed to fit on most Dino-Lite stands. Simply connect the MSAK827 to a USB port on a computer or AC adapter...
$ 29.00

MSAA111A1 Diffuser for Premier Non-polarized Models

Diffuser for Dino-Lite AM Handheld Microscope series (NOT compatible with Polarized models such as AM413ZT, ZTS, ZTL, AM4013MZT, or "Edge" Series) Instructions: - Insert by gently placing diffuser inside cap....
$ 19.00

MS36A-C2 Adjustable Precision Mount with Clamp

The MS36A-C2 clamp stand is designed for general purpose and built with quality. With smooth focus adjustment and quick vertical movement, the MS36A-C2 eases the task of focusing when using...
$ 229.00

RK-10-FX Flex-arm Addon for RK-10A

RK-10-FX is an optional flexible arm extension is available that increase RK-10A's effective range of motion with good flexibility. With pivot rotating head, the RK-10-FX also allows observations from various...
$ 39.00

MSKM-01 Knob Motor Control for Dino-Lite

The MSKM-01 allows control of the Dino-Lite microscopes focus knob without touching the device. It can be used in specific conditions when the Dino-Lite microscope has to be isolated during...
$ 399.00