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N3C-A Dino-Lite Edge Series Axial Light Cap

Sunrise Dino

N3C-A Dino-Lite Edge Series Axial Light Cap

$ 109.00
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The N3C-A Axial Light cap is an optional accessory for use with Dino-Lite Edge Series microscope cameras with Longer Working distance. Replace the front cap of a Dino-Lite Edge Series microscope and the coaxial front light is formed by mirroring the light of Dino-Lite with a beam splitter, this helps to highlight scratches and dents on reflective surfaces or to avoid shadow obscured by thick surroundings of deep holes. The compact and interchangeable N3C-A is an ideal supplement for tackling with inspection challenges.

Compatible with: Dino-Lite Edge LWD models (TL, ZTL)

Note: The working distance of Dino-Lite attached with N3C-A will be reduced by 5mm. Some magnification range of standard models could thus be obscured from using.