Powerful digital microscopes designed for a wide range of professional applications
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AM3113T Measurement (Discontinued/replaced by AF3113T)

Updated/replaced by AF3113T         The Dino-Lite AM3113T Premier digital handheld microscope has natural color technology providing colors true to their original appearance. It also has enhanced low...
$ 289.00

AM4111T 1.3MP Microscope

The AM4111T handheld digital microscope comes with Dino-Lite's high quality 1.3 megapixel image sensor that views and takes highly detailed images for professionals. The AM4111T handheld digital microscope is featured...
$ 329.00

AM4111T 1.3MP Microscope - Open Box

THIS PRODUCT IS REFURBISHED/RECONDITIONED/OPEN BOXThe terms refurbished and reconditioned are used interchangeably to describe products that have been refurbished, inspected, brought back to original specification then tested and packaged for...
$ 329.00 $ 263.20

AM4113-N5UT Dino-Lite Fingernail Microcirculation Scope

The AM4113-N5UT Dino-Lite Fingernail Microcirculation Scope has a fixed magnification of 500x and could be used in early diagnosis of various kinds of diseases by checking the capillary vessels of...
$ 499.00

AM4113T 1.3MP Measurement

The AM4113T Dino-Lite handheld digital microscope is designed with a high quality 1.3 megapixel image sensor that lets you view and capture objects with the greatest of details including the...
$ 399.00

AM4113TL-M40 1.3MP Long Distance Wide FOV Microscope

The AM4113TL-M40 Dino-Lite Pro handheld digital microscope gives users 5x~40x magnification rates with wider field of view compared to the AM4113TL. This type of optics lets you view objects at...
$ 449.00

AM4113ZT 1.3MP Measurement Polarizer

The handheld digital microscope AM4113ZT Dino-Lite Pro is a product extended from handheld digital microscope AM4113T by adding rotatable polarizer filter. This model uses the H11 housing which is the...
$ 499.00

AM4113ZTL 1.3MP Long Distance Polarizer

The Dino-Lite Premier AM4113ZTL Premier digital handheld microscope features with longer working distance, an adjustable polarizer, and enhanced 1.3MP sensor, providing a microscope that has high magnification at a nice...
$ 549.00