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MSA2T Flexibility Addon for RK-10A

Sunrise Dino

MSA2T Flexibility Addon for RK-10A

$ 30.00
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The MSA2T is an optional add-on accessory to the RK-10A stand (not included). This attachment allows users to reach up to 12" viewing height (RK-10A max 8" without MSA2T) with the stand and more rotation for angled viewing. Simply adjust the RK-10A to the desired angle and attach the MSA2T to the peg, secure with set screw and attach the included holster for additional viewing height.

The included MSA2HL holster also can connect directly to the MSA2T's peg for additional viewing angles. Simply remove the top threaded sleeve on the MSA2T's peg. Screw on the holster with it's rear internal threading (remove the holster set screw). Secure the holster at the desired angle by adjusting the longer threaded sleeve of the MSA2T's peg.