Eyepiece cameras designed to connect to your compound or stereo microscope
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AM4023CT 1.3MP C-mount Camera

The AM4023CT Dino-Eye USB C-Mount camera allows you to attach a digital camera onto an optical device so you can clearly observe in real-time what your device is viewing on...
$ 329.00

AM4023U 1.3MP Universal-fit Camera

This eyepiece digital camera (USB 2.0) AM4023U is professionally designed for traditional microscopes, with 36mm inside diameter fits most Microscope Eyepiece. It works perfectly with all kinds of optical microscopes,...
$ 269.00

AM4025X 1.3MP 23mm, 30mm, 30.5mm Camera Set

The high-quality Edge Series class optics and high-resolution sensor are now available as a 1.3MP version with the Dino-Eye Edge Series AM4025X. This eyepiece camera offers remarkable image performance while...
$ 429.00

AM422XN RCA 23mm Eyepiece Camera with 30mm Adapter

The Dino Eye 422XN is equipped with Par-focal that allows the Dino Eye to be interchanged with the eyepiece or c mount without readjusting the instrument. This eyepiece digital camera...
$ 299.00

AM7023CT 5MP C-mount Camera

Dino-Eye Premier AM7023CT digital eyepiece is an USB 2.0 powered device that has five megapixels of resolution that allows large detailed images under the microscope with picture sizes up to...
$ 599.00

AM7025X 5MP 23mm, 30mm, 30.5mm Camera Set

The first eyepiece with the high quality Edge Series class optics and high-resolution sensor, the 5MP Dino-Eye Edge Series AM7025X offers remarkable image performance while providing a relatively larger field...
$ 649.00