This collection of specially designed accessories are made for Dino-Lite by Dunwell Tech.
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MS35B Adjustable Vertical Mount

Designed for Dino-Lite: The MS35B is an economical rigid vertical stand designed for use with the Dino-Lite hand held digital microscope cameras. It provides up to 360 degrees of horizontal axis...
$ 129.00

MS15X-S2 XY/Rotation Base for RK-10A Stand

Multi-functional X/Y movement and rotational base designed for controlled adjustment in inspection providing fine movement with X and Y axis. The precision machine crafted components provide for smooth movements and...
$ 199.00

MS33A Articulating Arm with Single Locking Knob

MS33A is a fully adjustable articulating arm designed for Dino-Lite microscope cameras. The articulating arm can be handled and adjusted simply with one hand with the single knob locking mechanism...
$ 99.00

MSA2P Extension Pole for MS35B

Size: 11.5" (L) x 7/8 " (D) Up to 22 inches with dual poles Option (18" of vertical working distance) Economical rigid table top for MS35B, MS45BX-D2, MS35T stand assembly...
$ 29.00

MSA3M Metal Secure Snap-in Holster

Secure consistent positioning Metal Holster for Dino-Lite microscopes. This holster allows Dino-Lite microscopes to be snapped into place and held snugly by the edges of the magnification dial.The MSA3M provides...
$ 49.00

MS09B Ultra Portable Table Top Stand

The MS09B brings you a similar table top type of design as the MS35B stand with the portability of mobile stand. Because of its miniature size this stand will take...
$ 34.00

MSAK827 USB Powered LED Backlight

MSAK827 is a portable USB Powered LED Backlight stage designed to fit on most Dino-Lite stands. Simply connect the MSAK827 to a USB port on a computer or AC adapter...
$ 29.00

MS34B-R3 Fine-Tuning Compact Flexible Table Stand

The MS34B-R3 is a compact, portable stand with dual fine adjustment. This updated design features an additional fine adjustment knob and is compatible additional optional accessories, such as the BL-CDW...
$ 99.00

MS36A-C2 Adjustable Precision Mount with Clamp

The MS36A-C2 clamp stand is designed for general purpose and built with quality. With smooth focus adjustment and quick vertical movement, the MS36A-C2 eases the task of focusing when using...
$ 229.00

MSAK812 Flexible non-polarized LED attachment

This attachment accessory is able to clamp to a variety of bases such as MS35B/RK-06A/RK-10A with a 4.5mm opened space. Can firmly secure two included LED lights for aided viewing....
$ 69.00

MS15X-S1 XY/Rotation Base for MS35B/MS36B

Multifunctional X/Y fine adjustment and rotational base designed for precise adjustment under Dino-Lite microscopes. The included rotating table connects directly to the top plate of the X/Y stage allowing for...
$ 169.00

MSA6M Secure Holster for Machine Vision

Alternate rigid black metal holster for use with any Dino-Lite Microscope. This holster was designed for machine vision with 3 screws to help center the microscope. MSA6M User Guide
$ 89.00

MS53B Jointed Articulating Mount

The MS53B is a jointed articulating flex-arm type stand with a holster for use with the Dino-Lite handheld digital microscopes. The precision machine crafted components provide smooth adjustment and unlimited...
$ 249.00

MSAK813 Flexible Adjustable Power LED attachment

The MSAK813 supplemental dual articulating spotlight can be used with the RK-10A stand for white light with brightness controls. These very bright dual LED use flex arms that can be...
$ 229.00

MS35B-A810 Vertical Mount with Flex-arm

The MS35B-A810 is a combination of the popular MS35B stand and the updated MSAK810A which provides a 12" articulating flex arm with rotational peg.  The Flex arm can be positioned to...
$ 159.00

MSA3HL Secure Snap-in Holster

Secure vertical positioning ABS Holster for Dino-Lite microscopes. This holster allows Dino-Lite microscopes to be snapped into place and held snugly by the edges of the magnification dial. The MSA3HL...
$ 9.00

MSAH310 Protective case for Dino-Lite and small parts

Compact utility case with pick & fit foam shapes all your small equipment and accessories for an accurate fit. The durable metal corners and anchor rivets give all-around protection for...
$ 39.00

MSAK826W Jewelry Photobox with Lights

Photo box for premium image capture when lighting and color matters and is designed for image capture for numismatics and jewelry. Includes an 8" light tube. This stand allows you...
$ 129.00

MS33M Articulating Arm with Magnet Base

MS33M is a fully adjustable articulating arm with an industrial magnet base designed for Dino-Lite microscope cameras. The MS33M magnet base allows for easy placement on magnetic surfaces with a...
$ 119.00

MSAK843 Multifunction Gemstone Stage

The MSAK843 is a multifunctional slotted stage that will hold objects and illuminate light evenly on objects for optimal Dino-Lite imaging. The slotted areas and V shaped portion allows users...
$ 69.00