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EMW-500U 5MP 1x Universal-fit USB/WiFi CMOS Camera


EMW-500U 5MP 1x Universal-fit USB/WiFi CMOS Camera

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The EMW-500U is a 5MP Eyepiece camera with Wi-Fi capabilities that goes over a 20mm - 38mm eyepiece of a microscope, slit lamp, or surgery scope. This model displays the live image wirelessly via it's own wifi signal to an iPad/iPhone or Android device or can connect directly to a computer via USB. Capture high quality images and video wirelessly, using the user-friendly Ucam software which can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play. The EMW-500U features real-time auto-focus to easily view a subject clearly and up to 4 hours of use on battery life from a full charge. The EMW-500C rear panel has 5 physical buttons for imaging functions: Exposure (+/-), Zoom in/out, and auto exposure.