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MSVC63V RCA To VGA Converter

Sunrise Dino

MSVC63V RCA To VGA Converter

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The MSVC63V brings users previously sought out features for the AVI - TV series microscopes. Users can now connect their AVI - TV version microscope or others devices to this converter box which will then allow connection to VGA ports such as directly to a LCD screen, providing improved live viewing without the use of a computer.

The MSVC63V allows users to freeze images on the screen for further inspection of a specific area. This multi-functional video converter box can also work for S-Video usage such as from a DVD player directly to your VGA connection LCD or PC monitor. The MSVC63V is another tool in optimizing performance.


(1)VGA Out: To connect VGA display (Computer monitor or LCD)
(2)Video In:  To connect composite video devices (eg: DVR, CDD Camera, etc)
(3)S-video In: To connect S-video devices
(4)VGA In: To connect PC host
(5)DC 5V: To connect power supply
(6)LED Indication


(1)Input: Switch between input sources Composite Video
(2)Menu: Click it to adjust lightness, contrast , saturation and hue.
(3)Freeze/+  and (4)Resolution/- 
    -Under BRI Menu,
"Freeze/+": increasef lightness; ” Resolution/-" : decrease lightness.
     -Under "CON" Menu,
” Freeze/+" : increase contrast; "Resolution/-" : decrease contrast
     -Under "COL" Menu, 
” Freeze/+" : increase saturation, "Resolution/-" : decrease saturation
     -Under "HUE" Menu,
” Freeze/+" : increase value of hue; ” Resolution/-" : decrease value of hue

     -When menu is closed,
Press : “Freeze/+" to freeze output display video;

     - When menu is closed:
Press: "Resolution/-" to select output resolution;
Press "Input" and "Resolution/-" at the same time: Default Setting.