NIGHTSEA™ for Dino-Lite

The NIGHTSEA Model SFA Stereo Microscope Fluorescence Adapter can be used with the Dino-Lite series of digital microscopes.

While Dino-Lite does offer models with fluorescence built in, in some cases, you can achieve improved performance by using the SFA excitation light sources in combination with matching barrier filters pre-mounted in a Dino-Lite endcap so that they just snap onto the front of the microscope.

Since there is no provision for mounting a filter shield on the Dino-Lite, the SFA system for Dino-Lite will include a pair of barrier filter glasses for each wavelength purchased.

Wavelength sets

Wavelength sets are named and color-coded for the color of the excitation light, not the color of the emitted fluorescence.

With the Royal Blue (RB) excitation we offer two barrier filters – longpass and bandpass. Read our Technical Data Sheet above on selecting the right passband option for your application.

Designation Color Excitation Emission Filter
UV Ultraviolet 360 - 380nm 415nm longpass
VI Violet 400 - 415nm 450nm longpass
RB Royal Blue 440 - 460nm 500nm longpass
RB-GO Royal Blue 440 - 460nm 500-560nm longpass
CY Cyan 490 - 515nm 550nm longpass
GR Green 510 - 540nm 600nm longpass


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