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MS43L Backlight/Spotlight

Sunrise Dino

MS43L Backlight/Spotlight

$ 199.00
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The MS43L is designed for use with Dino-Lite microscopes when additional lighting will help you achieve the highest quality imaging results. This easy to use spot light that doubles as a back-light comes with a base to help guide your light in the right direction. As a spot light when attached to the base, the MS43L can be moved to the position of choice for lighting conditions that require more than what the Dino-Lite microscope already has or perhaps an indirect light as some objects will need. When operating as a base the MS43L illuminates objects from below just as a traditional microscope would, offering the lighting that would be needed for such objects with hard to reach or illuminate spaces such as thin deep holes in small parts.

The MS43L light has 4 adjustable mirror flaps to help manipulate the light in different angles for optimal performance. The light is powered via AC Adapter and has an On/Off switch on the side of the body.