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BL-GC1 - Optional Accessory Specimen Clip Holder

This specimen clip holder is an optional accessory that is compatible with the BL-ZW1 backlight stage and the MSAK812 attachment accessory. The BL-GC1 holds a viewing object in a desired location...
$ 20.00

BL-GC3 - Optional Accessory Specimen Clip Holder for MS33A, MS16D/J/K

This specimen clip holder is an optional accessory that is compatible with the MS33A and MS16D, 16J, 16K attachment accessory. The BL-GC3 holds a viewing object in a desired location with...
$ 25.00

MASP3X-4A Accessory Bracket For MS35B/MS36B Stands

MASP3X-4A  (Accessory bracket for MS35B/MS36B) This accessory attaches current and future accessories to the MS35/MS36B stand with a standard tripod screw.
$ 19.99

MASP3X-5A - Pole Mount to MS35B with Standard Tripod Screw

This optional accessory creates a tripod style mount onto the MS35B or MS36B stands. This can be used for various applications where mounting of a camera or screen with standard tripod style...
$ 49.00

MS16E LED Light Holder Attachment

This attachment accessory provides a lighting source that can be adjusted for additional lighting angles. The MS16E includes the MSLED6R USB LED source and can connect to the standing poles of the...
$ 29.00

MSAK810A Flex Arm for MS35B / RK-06A

Updated articulating 12” flex arm that provides additional viewing angles including the ability to rotate the view of the microscope without adjusting the position of the arm. This is designed...
$ 39.00

MSAK812 Flexible non-polarized LED attachment

This attachment accessory is able to clamp to a variety of bases.Can firmly secure two included LED lights for aided viewing. Product comes with a USB hub that has 4...
$ 69.00

MSAK812-PZ Flexible polarized & non-polarized LED attachment

This attachment accessory is able to clamp to a variety of bases such as MS35B/36B with 4.5mm opend space.Can firmly secure the included, 1 polarized LED light & 1 white...
$ 99.00

MSAK813 Flexible Adjustable Power LED attachment

The MSAK813 supplemental dual articulating spotlight can be used with the RK-10A stand for white light with brightness controls. These very bright dual LED use flex arms that can be...
$ 299.00

MSAK822 Photo Light Box Adapter For Dino-Lite Microscope

Photo Light Box Adapter for Dino-Lite Microscope cameras. The Dino-Lite Light Box Adapter allows for effortless integration of the Dino Lite digital microscope with many popular light box models.
$ 39.00

MSAK823 Smartphone/Tablet Holder Attachment For 35B/36B Stand

The MSAK823 is a cellphone or tablet holder for the MS35B or MS36B Dino-Lite stand for devices up to 6" wide. For comparison basis the iPad Mini is 6" wide....
$ 69.00

MSAR5B Rotating Slide Holder for MSBL-ZW1 Polarizing Backlight

The MSAR5B is an optional accessory for the MSBL-ZW1 Polarizing Backlight (not included). The MSAR5B attaches directly on top of the MSBL-ZW1 and allows for easy rotation of slides on top...
$ 199.00

MSIB-C53 Table/Shelf Clamp For MS53B / MS52B / RK-02

Clamp to secure MS53B, MS52B or RK-02 onto a table or similar sturdy surface.
$ 29.00

MSIB-P3 Pole Mount For MS53B / RK-02 / MS52B

This optional accessory MSIB-P3 is designed to connect an MS53B, MS52B or RK-02 (both not included) to an existing industrial pole (not included). The MSIB-P3 is a ring that is...
$ 69.00

MSP35AD1 Rigid Vertical Holster Peg for MS35B

A rigid vertical peg for MS35B, It provides a dedicated straight-on view allowing for more accurate measurement
$ 9.99

MSP35AD2 Swivel Holster Peg For MS35B

A swivel peg for MS35B, a ball and socket type peg allows for up to 45 degrees of adjustable lateral viewing angles.
$ 9.00

MSP35B-S1 Replacement Block For MS35B / MS36B

Block replacement only
$ 50.00

MSSS-M1 Optional Petri Dish Holder

Petri dish holder compatible with MS35B or MS36B stands designed for Dino-Lite microscopes. (Stands and petri dish sold separately)
$ 49.00