The AM4915ZTL long working distance model offers advanced features such as Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) and Enhanced Depth of Field (EDOF). The MS35B is a popular stand for holding the Dino-Lite steady and making fine height adjustments. The MSA2P extension pole provides extended working distance for photographing larger pieces of jewelry. The MSAA112D diffuser softens the LED light from the Dino-Lite to provide the best results for imaging diamonds. The MSAK843 multifunction stage makes it easy to hold diamonds and rings of different shapes and sizes.
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AF4915ZTL 1.3MP LWD EDOF AMR FLC Wireless Ready Polarizer

The Dino-Lite Edge 1.3MP AF4915ZTL is an all-in-one device designed to meet most professional applications within 10x- 140x magnifications at longer working distance. The AF4915ZTL integrates premium Edge Series features  EDOF, AMR and FLC....
$ 929.00

MS35B Adjustable Vertical Mount

Designed for Dino-Lite: The MS35B is an economical rigid vertical stand designed for use with the Dino-Lite hand held digital microscope cameras. It provides up to 360 degrees of horizontal axis...
$ 99.00

MSAA112D Diffuser For Edge Series

Diffuser for Dino-Lite Edge series: AM4115ZT, AM4515ZT, AM4815ZT, AM4115ZTL, AM4515ZTL, AM4815ZTL. -Insert by gently placing diffuser inside cap. Ensure diffuser is positioned straight to avoid damaging LEDs. - If the...
$ 19.00

MSAK843 Multifunction Gemstone Stage

The MSAK843 is a multifunctional slotted stage that will hold objects and illuminate light evenly on objects for optimal Dino-Lite imaging. The slotted areas and V shaped portion allows users...
$ 69.00